Yves Tumor. “Broke In” ft. Oxhy. Serpent Music. PAN, 2016.

Malibu. “MIX 007”. United in Flames. Radar Radio, 2017.

Organ Tapes. “Believer”. Words Fall To Ground. Creamcake, 2017.

Air Max ’97. “Reduct”. Vessel. Decisions, 2017.

Dinamarca. “Resurrection”. Himnos EP. STAYCORE, 2017.

Yves Tumor. “Limerence”. V/A – mono no aware. PAN, 2017.

Dj Heroin. “Conciliator”. Sanguine. Self-released, 2017.

Pablo and Harrison are now doing techno music as Corentine.

Nunu. “Cartridge 19”v. CRTG001. Cartridge Material, 2016.

Chino Amobi. “Hard Stacatto” ft. Embaci. Minor Matter. The Vinyl Factory, 2017.

dr. actor. “Axe Split Rose Quartz, Mix:040”. Disc Magazine, 2016.